Pollution Guardian: update for UK’s Clean Air Day

Thursday 17th June has been nominated as “clean air day” in the UK so a good time for an update on the Pollution Guardian project.

Three mechanical concepts for the Pollution Guardian in-vehicle sensor

As mentioned in earlier blogs, the Pollution Guardian is our project to develop a low cost solution for monitoring and alerting road drivers to areas of high air pollution and so enable them to take counter measures. We have been working on this project together with the University of Surrey and it is supported by an Innovate UK grant to prove the concept and further develop prototypes.

We have now come to the conclusion of the current phase of work which has involved:

  • Construction and characterisation of 20-30 prototypes with an updated electronic and mechanical architecture
  • MVP (minimum viable product) development of a mobile app geared to consumer test
  • Cloud back-end development to support data capture and visualisation on the mobile app
  • Collaboration with a UK facility management business to run a solution trial in Q1/2021
  • Analysis of pollution data and user experience feedback to guide the next steps
  • Creation of short films to help us explain the project (see here)

A couple of credits here to the people who have been helping us achieve some of the above:

We will be creating a few more blogs and releasing some additional films covering the more recent work in the coming weeks, so watch this space.