Monthly Archives: September 2021

Pollution Guardian – The Motion Picture!

So much great work has been done in the Pollution Guardian project that telling the story has become more complex – we needed a simple way to tell our story which was engaging and scalable. So we turned to a professional film maker – Dave Savva of Alchemy Street to help tell our story in a series of short films.

The films created have different purposes: from a very short one to introduce us to a longer one (six minutes) which tells the whole story. They include appearances from our trusted collaborators at the University of Surrey Global Centre for Clean Air Research and Mark Mason from Design Thinking Ltd.

Filming started on a rare sunny day in late March 2021, extra B-roll and interviews were captured after that day and then the various films were polished up into what I am sure you will agree are extremely professional films. An example of a shorter film was featured in an earlier blog post. This blog post marks the completion of this polishing and announces the launch of our long film – the complete story of Pollution Guardian!